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About Me


I am happy to share with you my great love to my magical world ...
Colors, shapes, textures and pleasure creativity, imagination and self-actualization of the action that causes me great Satisfaction.

My name is Ruth Avital Weiss. I am goldsmith,
designer and creative multi-disciplinary artist. I work mainly with silver and
gold-filled and combination of different metals and stones.
In addition, I'm a jewelry designer and also doing interweaving and rhyming of
crystals. All jewelry are handmade, original and unique.
I strictly use top quality materials.
I create rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, boxes, amulet's houses
and other charms. I also really love to draw ,paint, photograph and other handiwork.
I live in Moshav Hever, a small village in the Jezreel Valley - an amazing, green and quiet valley...
I get my inspiration from observing all the things around me - nature, people, objects. I've been also inspired by traveling across the country and around the world. I own a studio shop named Paloma. The name derives from the Spanish word for dove. For me, the name symbolize the flight of the dove, imagination, creativity and peace. While immersed in music and tranquility in the green surroundings I find myself design, create jewelry and paintings most of the time...

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